Alias Name
Aegyo-sal HA Filler

Procedure Detail
Aegyo-sal sits 4-7mm right under the lower eyelid, and looking like a silkworm,  it can make you look more youthful and innocent. Injecting HA filler to restores volume and makes the under-eye skin look puffier by stimulating collagen production and filling empty spaces to achieve child-like allure, looking innocent and adorable at the same time.




The treatment is fast, the  result is almost instantly; hyaluronic acid is originally present in the human body, which can eventually be absorbed by the human body, hence it’s safe, only small needle hole and redness, there is basically no downtime, and it does not affect daily life; the pain is minimal,  the effect is reversible; injection site can be precise; Different level and brand of HA for different need.

Regular injections are required. Depending on the metabolism of the body  the effect can only be maintained for 6-12 months.

Unsuitable Candidate
Minors under the age of 18; those with skin inflammation or infection; those with allergies to drugs; lactating, pregnancy and menstruation.


Treatment Time
5-10 min

Anesthesia Method

Treatment Course
Every 6-12 months

Procedures Technique

6-12 months

Recovery Period
5-7 days

Practitioner in medical aesthetics or plastic surgeon

Pain Scale

The above postoperative care is for reference only. Due to individual differences and different surgical procedures, the recovery cycle, suture removal time and aftercare methods will be different. The specific plan is to follow the doctor’s advice.

FAQ 常见问答题

Vascular occlusion is the most severe complication associated with hyaluronic acid filler injection., but the rate is extremely low; as long as the doctor is familiar with facial vascular anatomy, proper injection techniques and meticulous skin preparation, aspiration before each injection, low pressure injections of minimal volumes, dilution of the filler may reduce the risk. If features of tissue necrosis appear, the injection should be stopped, and an immediate injection of hyaluronidase enzyme is crucial in order to minimize the amount of tissue necrosis. Early identification and a prompt intervention can significantly decrease the risk of long-term sequelae.

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