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Implants can be added to the nasal ala to correct alar contour, while implants placed in the columella can aid in augmenting tip projection, altering tip rotation or reshaping the columella itself. In general, space-occupying implants are better tolerated than those that provide structural support. Small pieces silicone implants are inserted into the nostrils and/or philtrum, creating an aesthetic profile line of the columella. This surgery gives a “two-jaw surgery” similar effect but performed in a much simpler way.

The surgical incision is normally at the upper gingiva, which will leave no scar externally.

The texture of the material is very close to the nasal body tissue, and it is easier to fit the nasal bone, and the postoperative effect is beautiful and natural.

The result is satisfactory for paranasal area to give more convex appearance to mid-face. It helps lessening the nasolabial fold but not removing them.

If the patient is looking for replacement of atrophic losses that occur with aging and sagging skin, treating mid-face with implant is a much more suitable choice.

The paranasal augmentation is usually combined with the rhinoplasty but it can be solely performed without rhinoplasty as well. When mid-face augmentation is performed along with the rhinoplasty, it creates a synergistic effect giving a harmonized profile view line. This surgery is recommended for whoever wants to look more sophisticated and to achieve more elegant profile view.

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