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Since fat can be harvested from various areas of the body, patients are rarely too thin to disqualify for a fat transfer altogether. Even for patients with minimal excess tissue, doctors usually succeed in harvesting fat from the lower to medial inner thighs through his careful liposuction techniques.


The average enhancement is 1/2 to one cup size with microfat transfer to the breasts each time. This process can be repeated at six months for further enlargement should the patient desire. There are limits to fat grafting involving the skin envelope tightness or looseness.


Depending on the tightness of the chest skin and the size of the implantation space, a single unilateral implantation can be 200-300ml.


Once fat is alive, it is durable and does not migrate or deform. But it naturally changes as the body ages, gets fatter and thinner.


The incisions needed for fat transfer are quite small and, thus, do not require any sutures to close them. Fat transfer is not a painful procedure. You will be under the influence of anaesthetic or fully sedated during the procedure and will not feel anything.


Yes, for one night. The majority of swelling in the breasts will be gone at 2-3 weeks after surgery. The donor sites will be swollen much longer. It can take 2-4 months for all of the swelling to resolve, but patients feel they look pretty good at 3-4 weeks. The donor sites will be hard and “woody” feeling for a few months. The size and shape of the breasts are not expected to change after the first 4-6 months.


It’s best not to wear a bra after surgery. Although the bra can support the chest, it has not yet played a full role in wrapping and shaping; Experts recommend that after autologous fat breast augmentation, wear tight clothing for one to two weeks to prevent autologous fat from shifting and protect the chest until it is naturally formed.


We believe that freezing or storing your fat kills fat cells. Fresh, living fatty tissue is used therefore always removal and placement in a new area is performed on the same day.


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