FAQ 常见问答题

No need, the first surgical osteotomy, after the bone is fixed, if there is a tooth protrusion, you can be 6 months after the surgery, and then orthodontic.


Simple tooth protrusion, only need tooth correction; If the alveolar bone is protruding, it needs surgical correction, which is reflected in the side view, and the severe protrusion of the mouth or gums together.


Any operation has risks, experienced doctors in the operation, will avoid blood vessels and nerves, to avoid the occurrence of surgical risks; The operation requires the use of intubation anesthesia, which can avoid suffocation caused by secretions, blocking the respiratory tract, and avoid serious risks of surgery.


There are risks associated with any surgery; The operation of upper and lower jaw is performed through an intraoral incision, exposing the jaw bone, and then through a bone amputation, which may damage the surrounding nerves. In addition, complications such as bleeding, infection, and inflammation may occur after surgery, which vary in degree according to personal physical differences and need to be carefully cared for.


Return to normal life and participate in normal social activities, which is basic detumescence, mainly refers to the regression of local congestion and inflammatory edema after surgery, generally about 2 weeks; However, to completely reduce swelling, complete recovery, and achieve the expected results of surgery, it generally takes about 3-6 months.


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