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The buccal fat pad (Bichat’s fat pad, buccal pad of fat), is one of several encapsulated fat masses in the cheek. It is a deep fat pad located on either side of the face between the buccinator muscle and several more superficial muscles (including the masseter, the zygomaticus major, and the zygomaticus minor)

The buccal fat removal surgery is a quick and painless procedure that is typically completed within one hour. The entire procedure is performed inside the mouth

Swelling is common after buccal fat removal, but it will subside within two or three weeks. The overall recovery time for this procedure is around seven to ten days. During this time, patients must be sure to eat a soft or liquid food diet during this process.

No strenuous exercise following buccal fat removal. Patients will be advised to avoid strenuous activities, contact sports or any heavy exercise such as aerobics, running, or team sports.

After your buccal fat removal, you will need to sleep on your back with your head elevated. If you are a habitual stomach or side sleeper, it can be difficult to change your ways. However, sleeping with your head raised has benefits that aid significantly in your recovery process

The results of buccal fat pad removal are permanent, and the fat does not grow back. However, the final results do take several months to become apparent.

The answer is no, you will not lose your dimples if you have buccal fat removal. With buccal fat removal, the procedure is done from the inside of the mouth whereas dimples are a result of a genetic defect caused by a variation in facial muscle development closer to the surface of the skin

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