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At present, it is divided into local treatment and systemic treatment. Local treatment, is to apply medicine to achieve anti-inflammatory, analgesic and promote healing, can choose iodine glycerin, lysozyme lozenges, Yi can stick and so on. Systemic therapy is the choice of immunomodulatory drugs, including enhancers and inhibitors.

Usually should pay attention to keep the mouth clean, quit smoking and alcohol, regular life, to ensure adequate sleep; Eat less spicy and irritating food; Women should pay attention to rest before and after menstruation, keep a happy mood, and avoid excessive fatigue.

Modern medicine believes that recurrent oral ulcers are closely related to immune, genetic, infection and mental factors. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, aphthous ulcer is related to various viscera, Yin and Yang, qi and blood, cold and heat, deficiency and deficiency. The pathogenesis of this disease is mainly “fire”, mostly due to external dry fire and improper diet.

Most canker ulcers can heal themselves, usually 7-10 days, some patients need longer time; However, if there is no improvement for more than one month (30 days), it is necessary to see a doctor for examination, and if necessary, take a biopsy to determine whether there is cancer. In addition, if the ulcer is fixed in one place and recurrent, it is also recommended to see a doctor to remove possible irritants in the mouth.

If the oral ulcer is not healed for a long time, cancer may occur, and some chronic traumatic ulcers are often seen, transforming into oral cancer. For example, when there is a residual tooth root that has not been removed, or unqualified dentures, dentures with sharp edges, the sharp edges constantly stimulate and scratch the tongue and cheek mucosa, resulting in ulcers; If the irritating factors are not removed, the ulcer gradually worsens and does not heal for a long time, which is easy to develop into tongue cancer or cheek cancer. Therefore, if the same mouth ulcer lasts for more than one month, you need to pay attention to the above problems, should go to the hospital to exclude other lesions, and should not delay the treatment time.


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