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 Cortisone injections are the quickest way to make acne disappear. Acne cysts literally shrink within four to eight hours after injection and continue to improve over the next several days. Pain and swelling of cyst will improve, too.


Most patients resume regular activities shortly after the treatment; however, redness and mild swelling will generally persist for4-6 hours. It is recommended to protect the treated area for 24 hours and control the swelling by applying cold compresses as needed.

大多数患者在治疗后不久就恢复正常活动;但是,发红和轻度肿胀通常会持续 4-6 小时。建议保护治疗区域 24 小时,并根据需要通过冷敷来控制肿胀。

 There may be some redness at the site of the injection. But there is no downtime with this type of treatment. Within a day or two you will feel better about your complexion and more confident when it comes to facing the world.


 Generally, with cystic acne, cortisone injections alone are not enough. doctor highly recommended a multi-faceted approach to include such treatments as chemical peels, PDT, laser and blue light as well as prescription medications in order to best combat the effects of a chronic acne condition. Also, doctor will consult with you regarding lifestyle and dietary changes you might make to help reduce the occurrence of acne outbreaks.


You can get multiple injections in one session, with each injection going to a different area. You must wait about 6 weeks between injections in the same spot. These injections are meant to be an occasional treatment for specific cysts and nodules. It’s not meant to be a regular part of your acne treatment or skin care regimen.

您可以在一个疗程中进行多次注射,每次注射到不同的区域。在同一个部位注射之间必须等待大约 6 周。这些注射旨在偶尔治疗特定的囊肿和结节。它并不意味着您的痤疮治疗或皮肤护理方案的常规部分。

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