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Lip reconstruction may be required after trauma or surgical excision. The goals of lip reconstruction are both functional and aesthetic, and the surgical techniques employed are often overlapping. The aesthetic goals of lip reconstruction are to provide adequate replacement of external skin while maintaining the aesthetic balance of the vermiliocutaneous junction and lip aesthetic units. The functional goals of lip reconstruction are to maintain intraoral mucosal lining and to preserve the surface area of the oral aperture. Lip revision surgery is also requested by patients who had previous lip enhancements that are too full, contain scar tissue or infection from previous surgeries.

Yes, but the repair method depends on the degree of the patient’s lip defect: 1. Lip defect does not exceed one-third: surgery can use the remaining lip tissue to repair the lip; 2. Lip defect More than half: nasolabial fold tissue flaps or contralateral tissue flaps should be considered for cross transfer; if patients have more than half of the defect in the middle of the upper lip, the upper lip nasolabial fold flap can be used to repair the upper lip; 3. If the defect exceeds two-thirds, the lip and cheek tissue flaps should be rotated and repair the total lower lip defect; 4. Severe lip defect: Reconstruction of the lip defect is required; if the patient has only one defect on the upper or lower lip, it is required Use the upper or lower lip to transfer the lip tissue up or down to repair.

It depends on individual. Many patients seek lip enhancement procedures to achieve a fuller appearance to thinning lips and to correct tiny vertical lines that appear with age. However, it can be disappointing If these goals were not achieved and now require further surgical procedures. Do consult a certified facial plastic surgeon who can easily correct lip enhancement procedures that went wrong

Patients may experience side effects including swelling and/or bruising for a couple of days after treatment. Complications of plastic surgery include: scarring. poor wound healing or scarring. Just make sure oral hygiene is well kept. Consume only liquid food for the first week.

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