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How to avoid it? Postoperative scars, too large or too small openings, and unsatisfactory shapes may all be the risk of this procedure; over-correction may cause ectropion and incomplete eyelid closure. Of course, choosing a reputable hospital, experienced doctors, and communicating with doctors before surgery can greatly reduce the risk of surgery.   
如何避免? 术后留疤,开得过大或过小,形状不满意均可能会是开内眼角手术的风险;矫正过度者,可能出现睑外翻、眼睑闭合不全。当然,选择正规医院、有经验的医生,术前与医生做好沟通,能大大降低手术风险。

During double eyelid surgery, the inner canthus epidermis can be corrected at the same time, shortening the distance between the eyes, making the eyes bigger and longer. However, people who do not have inner canthal epidermis and have short eye spacing are not suitable for opening the inner corner of the eye. Therefore, do not blindly choose the “package”, you need to choose the method that suits you after good communication with the doctor according to your own situation.

5-7 days can remove sutures, 7-10days swollen started to get better, the scar is still obvious and need to be patience to go through this generally around 3-6 months.  

1. People with scar constitution, one who do not accept surgery; 2. Eye distance too small; 3. Eyeball protruding, concave or eyelid retraction; 4. Pregnant women and under 18 years old, minors.


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