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 Laser removal of eyebrow embroidery is a common procedure in clinic. The number of sessions required to remove the tattoo depends on the type of ink used, the skill set of the therapist who designed the tattoo and the colour of ink used.


 Depending on skin type and inks, temporary crusting and blistering may occur after laser tattoo removal treatment. Frosting subsides within an hour max. The tattoo will begin to fade within the first 2-3 weeks post treatment.

根据皮肤类型和墨水的不同,激光纹身去除治疗后可能会出现暂时的结痂和起泡。最多一小时内结霜消退。纹身将在治疗后的前 2-3 周内开始褪色。

 Keep the treated area clean and dry. Lightly clean the area with soap and water, then pat to dry. Cover the treated area with a bandage and antibiotic ointment the first three days following a treatment. Change the bandage at least three times during that duration.

保持治疗区域清洁干燥。用肥皂和水轻轻清洁该区域,然后拍干。治疗后的前三天,用绷带和抗生素软膏覆盖治疗区域。在此期间至少更换绷带 3 次。

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