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From most research, a safe assumption is that this procedure is not permanent, mainly because you cannot stop the natural process of aging. However, results can be considered long-lasting for appropriate patients, and due to the ease of this procedure, having repeat treatments can easily be done. 1-9 years was the general longevity of observable results. For patients that are younger with thicker skin and appropriate facial volume, 3-4 years was the average. In contrast, older patients with severe sagging reduced elasticity, and lack of volume had visible results for 1-2 years.

As mentioned previously, a thread face lift can be extended to the face as well as other areas. Face areas are typically divided into lower face area and jawline, mid-face and cheek area, peri-ocular area (eye area), and the neck area

You should wait around 1-3 weeks after the treatment to resume any vigorous exercise, your surgeon will advise you on how long exactly you should expect. This is to prevent your healing from becoming prolonged. Exercise can increase the heart rate, which causes blood flow to also increase to the area of treatment, which in turn can cause swelling.
1. 遵从医生指示服用抗生素或消炎药; 2. 入针口可能会发红或瘀青,持续冰敷可以改善; 3.会有比较强烈的异物感,一个月后感觉会消失; 4.数周内不要做大表情或大笑,不要用手或其他方式刻意去揉压。

While minimally-invasive, thread lift procedures are not entirely pain-free. 2. Bruising, Swelling and Soreness: Although it is one of the most minimally-invasive procedures there are the market today, patients do some times experience post-procedural bruising, swelling and soreness

The skin lifting effects are fully visible immediately. Between six and nine months after your treatment, your threads will dissolve. However, the results of your treatment will last around three years past this point.

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