Alias Name
Fat Graft Injection Aegyo-Sal

Procedure Detail
A fat grafting procedure, or fat injection, transfers fat from areas in which you have excess fat, such as the outer thighs, and injects it, refine to pure fat and injected into the under eye area to create a youthful and innocent look.




The use of its own fat basically does not cause rejection; there is no obvious incision, so there is no need to worry about scars.

Compare to hyaluronic acid injection, the recovery period is longer; there is a certain degree of absorption with fat tissue, which may require a second surgery; there will be swelling in the early post-op stage, and there will be blood and bruise at the liposuction site.

Unsuitable Candidate
Menstrual period, pregnant women and Lactating; scar hyperplasia; persons under 18 years of age; patients with severe liver, kidney, heart and brain diseases, severe blood diseases, uncontrolled diabetes and infectious diseases.


Treatment Time
1-2 hr

Anesthesia Method

Treatment Course
1 time

Procedures Technique


Recovery Period
3-6 months

Practitioner in medical aesthetics or plastic surgeon

Pain Scale

After Procedure
Very satisfied 9%, Satisfied 62%, Normal 34%, Not satisfied 2%

FAQ 常见问答题

Hyaluronic acid is one of the main matrix components of human skin epidermis and dermis; hyaluronic acid is originally present in the skin and can help the skin to absorb moisture from the body and the skin surface layer; but the hyaluronic acid molecule in its natural state, will be decomposed in 48 hours; In order to obtain acceptable durability in the body, it is essential to perform a chemical process called “cross-linking”, which aims to improve in vivo resistance to degradation. Hyaluronic acid is certified by an authoritative health organization which requires a report of complete degradation within a certain time; therefore, as long as it is a legal certified hyaluronic acid product, it is safe.

Unlike botulinum toxin, no experiments have confirmed that hyaluronic acid has a potential risk to pregnant women; however, it is generally not recommended to use hyaluronic acid during lactation and pregnancy.

The amount required are varies, and generally require about 0.2-0.6ml for both side.

Technically, as long as there are no contraindications, everyone can be injected with hyaluronic acid; but from an aesthetic point of view, not everyone is suitable to have aegyo sal; if the apple cheek are relatively flat, they should be filled at the same time

Due to the absorption and instability of fat tissue, the effect of autologous fat grafting is not as stable as hyaluronic acid. Since it’s a surgery, there is still trauma and recovery period. Hyaluronic acid filler uses minimally invasive injection, which has a quick effect and basically no recovery period. However, regular injections are needed, which is suitable for people who are unwilling to undergo surgery and do not want a long recovery period

The prices of hyaluronic acid from different countries are different. One millilitre could range from several hundred to several thousand. It is impossible to infer the authenticity of the product based on the price alone. It is important to focus on the qualifications of hospitals and doctors. Do not purchase HA filler online.

Vascular occlusion is the most severe complication associated with hyaluronic acid filler injection., but the rate is extremely low; as long as the doctor is familiar with facial vascular anatomy, proper injection techniques and meticulous skin preparation, aspiration before each injection, low pressure injections of minimal volumes, dilution of the filler may reduce the risk. If features of tissue necrosis appear, the injection should be stopped, and an immediate injection of hyaluronidase enzyme is crucial in order to minimize the amount of tissue necrosis. Early identification and a prompt intervention can significantly decrease the risk of long-term sequelae.

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