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You can fix aesthetic concerns of the earlobe with a customized ear repair procedure, specifically your earlobes, contributes to the overall aesthetic of your ear.


Earlobe (ear pearls or Lobule) represents the luck, and is often regarded as a symbol of “prosperity”. Those who have thick, big, pendulous earlobes have good luck in money matters and with health. They are also mentally stable, and able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Not at all. Far grafting has the advantages of being a natural material and one which can be placed virtually anywhere by injection.


Absolutely. Earlobe fat grafting create improvements in the size of the earlobe and in the reduction of fine wrinkles. The result is natural and soft to touch.


If fat tissue survives well, it will be just 1 treatment. However, the injected fat may be reabsorbed by the body and you may lose some volume, 2nd treatment might be needed for a better result.


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