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There are 2 reasons: 1. reabsorption of the surgically added fat. The fat cells that couldn’t find a blood supply will be absorbed by the body. 2. Fat necrosis – the death of fat tissue. Fat necrosis occurs when an area doesn’t have the correct blood supply and then dies off, causing the area to turn black. It can lead to hard, round lumps forming under the skin, or the skin may appear dimpled and uneven.

有两个原因: 1. 手术添加的脂肪被重新吸收。找不到血液供应的脂肪细胞会被身体吸收。 2.脂肪坏死——脂肪组织的死亡。当一个区域没有正确的血液供应然后死亡,导致该区域变黑时,就会发生脂肪坏死。它会导致皮肤下形成坚硬的圆形肿块,或者皮肤可能会出现凹陷和凹凸不平。

Due to different conditions, the revision methods are also different: 1. For the uneven appearance, asymmetry, and poor shaping effect, needs to be refilled with new fat tissue to improve. 2. For patients who have too much fat filled, causing bulgy or uneven, resulting in induration, etc. that cannot be revised, the fat can be melted and liquefied by laser lipolysis and other methods to “melt” the excess fat cell, if necessary, it can be filled with fat again for reshaping.

因病情不同,修正方法也不同: 1. 对于外观不均匀、不对称、塑形效果差的,需要重新填充新的脂肪组织来改善。 2、脂肪填充过多,造成隆起或不均匀,造成硬结等无法修复的患者,可通过激光溶脂等方法溶脂液化,“融化”多余的脂肪细胞,如果必要时,可以再次填充脂肪进行整形。

 For fat grafting revision surgery, it is important to ensure that the initial procedure has completely healed because healing times vary based on the initial procedure and the individual. Generally speaking, is about 3-6 months.


 Compared with fat grafting surgery, repair surgery requires doctors to perform more meticulous and detailed operations to achieve satisfactory results. In order to avoid the trouble of repeated treatments, it is advisable to go to a regular plastic surgery institution and find an experienced doctor.


 It can be treated with accuracy and precision to treat small areas. It can partially or fully remove the overfilled areas.


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