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Autologous fat grafting has unpredictable success rates, depends on individual. In general, 75 to 80 percent of the fat injected during any fat transfer procedure will survive. Normally it will take 2-3 injections to see desired result.
根据个体的情况,自体脂肪的存活率一般在30-70%不等;但是为了避免一次过量填充,引起的脂肪堆积、结节等问题,一般需要2-3次填充,才能达到比较理想的效果。 自体脂肪丰眉弓手术疼吗?创伤大吗?自体脂肪丰眉弓可采用局部麻醉或睡眠麻醉,手术无需开刀,仅有针眼大的创口,一般无需缝合,愈合后基本无明显人工痕迹。

It’s surgery, of course, though very minor. The incisions are small. The canula that harvests the fat and needle that re-injects it are also both tiny.

1. The individual’s age, diet, and physical differences. 2. Early blood vessel formation and adequate blood supply after fat transplantation were essential for improving the fat graft survival. The injection technique to make sure injected fat cells would survive. 3. The harvested and processed fat grafts must remain viable before implantation.

Liposuction techniques is done through tiny incisions that leave almost no scarring, with doctor’s good skill there won’t be any uneven bumps on skin.

Fat grafting has been shown to last longer than fillers in terms of maintaining fullness. Using the patient’s own fat, high safety, the result is soft and natural and allows the opportunity to produce an overall improved body contour removing stubborn areas of fat deposits. The con is Fat grafting procedures most often involve surgery with some amount of anesthesia. HA filler on the other hand is a typical treatment requires only topical anesthesia and can be performed in-office within a short span of time. However, the result is temporary and require ongoing maintenance over time which is costly.

Cleaning and preparing the fat then putting it into a deep freeze. Down to -20 degrees Celsius, it has the potential to be stored for a lifetime. However, frozen fat doesn’t hold up as well as fresh fat. Unless you think you’ll be fat-free in the future, or else it’s always sufficient to extract fresh fat.

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