FAQ 常见问答题

Regular dental checkups allow dentists to spot potential cavities in time.

The damage of caries to teeth mostly develops gradually from the surface to the inside. Generally, when the tooth is shallow caries, only the tooth enamel is destroyed, and the patient has no pain symptoms subjectively. If the patient is not treated in time to the hospital, the lesion will develop deep into the tooth, and then form medium caries, deep caries, and even develop pulpitis.

The small cavity of caries is not filled, and some teeth destroyed by caries, after proper treatment, can not be preserved and continue to play a role; If the affected tooth does not have or has lost its function, or even interferes with the function of other teeth, it has no value to keep, and such a tooth has lost the meaning of filling and can only be pulled out.

Can’t; If the filling is simple, the general material will age after the filling, and it is easy to fall off after aging; And its filling material is different, the size of the tooth is different, the general use of the years will not be the same, generally can be used for about 3-5 years.

Generally, after filling the teeth, you can drink water immediately, and there is not too much attention to eating; However, the use of silver mercury and other materials filling teeth, due to the solidification time is relatively long, so generally need to wait for several hours to eat; And just filled teeth, can not be used to chew food, especially hard things; Brush the surface of the prosthesis without a stiff toothbrush for a week.


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