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Botox is an injectable drug made from botulinum toxin type A. This toxin is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botox is used for three main purposes: muscle spasm control, severe underarm sweating and cosmetic improvement for wrinkles etc. The human lethal dose of botulinum toxin is 2000~3000 units/time. General cosmetic injection should be controlled within 200 units/time. Generally, wrinkle removal for 1 part require 10-20 units, and the full-face wrinkle removal is within 100 units. For leg slimming will require a larger amount, it is recommended to do it in stages and not more than 200 units each time, the interval should be more than 3 months. As long as the dosage is strictly adhered to the regulation and the treatments are done is proper practice or hospital, botulinum toxin injection is safe.


At present, the botulinum toxin used for injection cosmetics has been diluted, and the toxicity has been greatly reduced. Generally, it will not cause skin allergies after injection. Be sure to understand the contraindications of botulinum toxin before injection. If you have history of allergic reactions, injection is not recommended. If it is the first injection of botulinum toxin, you can observe for half an hour before leaving.


The main difference is the method of drug purification, drug purity and dispersibility: 1. Imported botulinum toxin, the component used is human blood protein, close to the human tissue composition, high safety; China brand use porcine gelatine, which is a foreign protein, easily causes an immune response; 2. After injection of imported botulinum toxin, the dispersibility is smaller (radius) 5mm; and for China brand’s injection, the dispersibility is larger (radius) 10mm; when fine injection is needed, such as the treatment of frown lines, the dispersion need to be smaller, the better the effect and the lower the adverse reactions; of course, their price difference is also relatively large.

两者主要差别在弥散度上;如: 进口注射后,弥散性要小(半径)5mm;而国产注射后,弥散性要大(半径)10mm;如需精细部位注射(比如除皱),进口效果会相对恒定些;而瘦脸/腿非精细操作,国产相对性价比会高些。

Although Botulinum toxin injections are relatively safe, minor side effects are possible. These include headache, pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site, “crooked” smile or drooling etc. Most side effects are usually temporary and should fade within a few days. These side effects may take 2-4 weeks to improve as the toxin wears off.


The initial effects become visible within 24 hours. Wrinkle will seem lighter, skin will be smoother, obvious result will be shown after 3-14 days. To keep the result longer lasting, repeat injection every 6 months for the first 3 treatments and follow up with 9months to a year maintenance.


If you are trying to be conceive, try to stay away from injections. If you have received one, try to plan your pregnancy at least 3 months after the injection. For pregnant woman, we do not recommend any injection.


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