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 The treatment is completely painless and feels cool, soothing and like that of a massage. We begin the treatment by cleansing the skin and then apply the jet peel for around 30 minutes before finishing with an infusion of any vitamins or anti-ageing products which you may require.

治疗完全无痛,感觉凉爽、舒缓,就像按摩一样。我们通过清洁皮肤开始治疗,然后使用 jet peel 约 30 分钟,最后输注您可能需要的任何维生素或抗衰老产品。

The HydroJet is painless and has no downtime. During treatment, the handpiece will deliver cool air towards your skin. This cooling may make your skin pink or lighter in colour. This shouldn’t last long, and your skin will usually return to its normal colour within 30 minutes. You can immediately return to your normal activities.

HydroJet 是无痛的,没有停机时间。在治疗期间,手机会向您的皮肤输送冷空气。这种冷却可能会使您的皮肤呈粉红色或颜色变浅。这应该不会持续太久,您的皮肤通常会在 30 分钟内恢复正常颜色。您可以立即恢复正常活动。术后两周内,皮肤会有轻微硬硬的感觉,一般在一周内会消逝,在这期间避免过度于丰裕的面部表情,吃东西不会受到影响。

 JetPeel treatments are highly effective in skin texture improvement, wrinkle reduction, removal of unwanted pigmentation, reduction of scars reduction and overall skin rejuvenation. It is also very useful with mild acne, blackheads and other comedone eruptions as it quickly and effortlessly removes them without any pain or discomfort.

JetPeel 治疗在改善皮肤质地、减少皱纹、去除不需要的色素沉着、减少疤痕和整体皮肤再生方面非常有效。它对轻度痤疮、黑头粉刺和其他粉刺皮疹也非常有用,因为它可以快速轻松地去除它们,不会造成任何疼痛或不适。

 All JetPeel treatments are completely safe. The JetPeel is suitable for all skin types and skin colours.

所有 JetPeel 治疗都是完全安全的。 JetPeel 适合所有皮肤类型和肤色。

 No, the treatment is not painful at all. The lymphatic drainage step is relaxing and feels like a facial / neck massage.


 Depending on your skin concern we recommend between 3-6 treatments every 2-4 weeks. You will see an immediate improvement in your skin after just one treatment, but we recommend at least 3 treatments to give you the most optimal results.

根据您的皮肤问题,我们建议每 2-4 周进行 3-6 次治疗。只需一次治疗,您的皮肤就会立即得到改善,但我们建议至少进行 3 次治疗才能获得最佳效果。

 No. The JetPeel is a unique treatment as it peels your skin superficially. Dead skin cells will be removed, but you will not peel.

不会。JetPeel 是一种独特的治疗方法,因为它可以从表面去除皮肤。死皮细胞会被去除,但您不会剥皮。

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