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All clinics and practitioners are verified and licensed. Browse through for the latest treatments with no worries!



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Join in on the latest beauty discussion. Share, like, comment, or even post anytime to share your shine!


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Discover clinics and doctors with great reviews and recommendations!


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Get access to an abundance of trusted information regarding the beauty industry be it treatments, medications or any of the latest topics.


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Common enquiries

Signing up with us is free. You can easily sign-up and log-in via a simple click on Facebook, Google, or simply just fill in your basic information.

To be a user, all you need is your email and password and our system will send you a unique verification code to your mobile number. After filling in some basic information, your registration will then be successful. 

Nowadays, it is normal to update your day-to-day life on social media apps. Our app is geared towards those who loves to share tips and tricks on beauty or any topics regarding their personal interests. Your postings can attract likeminded users who can follow or communicate with you. These will be pure, real time posts that does not have any agendas. Whatever topics you are looking for, we have it! If you would like to contribute to the content, go ahead! This dynamic app is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

Here at NEXTBEU, we value and celebrate a healthy and fruitful discussion. We respect our users’ opinions and protect our users’ privacy and rights. We welcome all posts except for posts that intends to harm or threaten others.

Deemed as a portable beauty expert, we cover a wide range of topics related to the medical aesthetics industry including but not limited to treatment explanations, market prices, recovery experience expectations, and user reviews. The information we have will provide accurate information and comprehensively prepare users for the treatments that they seek. We strongly advise against obtaining information from unverified sources as there are many myths, outdated data and misinformation around.  Our contents are backed by qualified professionals and thus can be trusted.

All products and services provided on our app has been vetted by our team. Any enquiries or feedback can be done through our friendly customer service team. With that said, it is also important that you check the price and purchase details prior to confirming your orders.

Many beauty seekers find it difficult and complicated to choose a treatment clinic or physician. Here in NEXTBEU we solved this problem by having a feature that allows users to search for clinics and doctors. We have a constant growing directory list and users can use filters or any related search terms to find treatments or physicians in a specific place or line of expertise. From there you may select and connect with them. Furthermore, our community feature has all social media features that will also allow you to communicate with experts. NEXTBEU bridges the gap between consumers and providers.

Yes, you are! This goes along with our values to grow the aesthetics beauty industry by spreading truthful information including real, honest feedbacks so that our users can make informed and safe decisions!

NEXTBEU’s marketplace feature is committed to provide users with high quality and safe products and services. Users can feel secured and confident in purchasing local or even foreign products or services on the app as we ensure transparent pricing and information. This app caters to your every needs.

In order to ensure the safety and protect the interests of all our users, those who wishes to list their products or services on NEXTBEU’s marketplace must be a legally registered aesthetic company and brand. Anyone who provides unrecognized or unofficial certifications will not be allowed to post on our marketplace.   

NEXTBEU points are our reward system given to our users. Users may accumulate points through purchases, promotions or some selected activities on the app. These reward points can be used to make payments on future purchases.

Currently NEXTBEU provides an iPay88 payment service. Users who have successfully made a payment will receive an SMS notification to inform them of the successful payment. iPay88 provides a secure channel to make payments and it uses some of the most advances fraud prevention system to protect online users. Our users can rest assured knowing that any transactions done on our app is safe and secured.

In NEXTBEU, coupons can be distributed through online and offline channels. Both are only available during specific moments, and they are also limited in quantity.

Online vouchers:

After receiving coupons from the app, users can then use them in the marketplace feature. Just go to “My Voucher” in your profile to use the voucher.

Offline channels:

This voucher is provided by our merchants or sponsors and can only be used in the respective treatment centre. All you need to do is show the voucher on your app when you arrive at the treatment centre and enjoy!

We value all feedbacks from our valued users. For any feedbacks or enquiries, kindly contact our friendly customer service agent at 017-7922987. We will be prompt to solve all issues that you may have.

Here at NEXTBEU, we value all our users’ privacy and do not condone giving out user information to others. Any in-app engagement will be strictly private and confidential.

We are confident that NEXTBEU is a great app that will change the dynamics of aesthetic medicine in Asia. By referring our app to your friends and family, you are helping us to be one step closer to our goal of bridging the information gap so that we may empower everyone to make confident and safe decisions regarding their health and beauty. We would like to show you our sincere appreciation by gifting you and the new user with a RM25 coupon each to be used at our marketplace with every successful referral made. We are also happy to let you know that it has a 6-month validity period so that you will not need to worry about it expiring too soon.


Download NEXTBEU app now to begin your journey in a new era of beauty.


Download NEXTBEU APP now to begin your journey in a new era of beauty.