FAQ 常见问答题

Before treatment, local anesthesia can be performed on the site to be treated according to the specific situation to reduce the discomfort caused by laser treatment.

Since the pigment is removed, there is a certain metabolic cycle, and the interval between each treatment for at least 6-8 weeks; pigment is scattered, the pigment sometimes expands and deepens after treatment; a few patients, In 2-3 weeks after the scab falls off, there will be rebound and blackening, but this is only a temporary phenomenon, and it will gradually faded after 2-3 months. The expected results can be achieved following treatment course.

As long as you use professional laser treatment in a regular hospitals, laser treatment for dark circles is still very safe; the main sequelae is pigment reflux. A small number of patients with darker skin will have pigmentation for a longer time and the subsidence period will be longer.

1. On the day of laser treatment, do not use facial cleanser to wash your face, nor use cosmetics and skin care products. 2. Pay special attention to sun protection and avoid ultraviolet radiation. 3. Before the scab falls off, the treatment area should not be exposed to water. 4. Before the scab falls off, do not do too vigorous exercise to avoid excessive sweating and cause infection.


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