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Patients can return to work straight away in most cases as the procedure is similar in nature to attending the Dentist. If the moles have been removed from a visible place then people could notice where they have been removed.


Some moles are less appropriate for removal by laser; for example flat moles or highly pigmented/dark moles. Moles which are raised from the skin surface are more likely to benefit from the treatment. If after examining the mole the doctor thinks that it would be safer to obtain a biopsy e.g. if the mole has recently changed in size or colour, we would advise the traditional surgical method of removal so that the sample can be sent away. Using a laser means that the mole is effectively ‘vaporised’ and there is nothing which remains to send for analysis.


The laser treatment itself isn’t at all painful. The local anaesthetic given prior to the procedure can sting a little, like any injection. But once it has started working, the patient will not feel the laser treatment when it begins. The Doctor will test that the area is numb before starting.


 The area heals like a graze so takes approximately 10-14 days to achieve a smooth pink mark. This colour then fades over the following few weeks.

该区域像擦伤一样愈合,因此需要大约 10-14 天才能达到光滑的粉红色标记。这种颜色会在接下来的几周内逐渐消失。

Patients wishing to apply make-up to the area can do so after the scab has dropped off and the area is smooth which is usually after 10-14 days.

患者可以在结痂脱落且该区域光滑后进行化妆,这通常是在 10-14 天后。

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