FAQ 常见问答题

Laser vaginal tightening uses a sterile laser cannula, which is used by a single person to avoid the risk of cross-infection.


The photothermal effect of laser laser can make the collagen fibers, elastic fibers and organic matrix in the vaginal mucosa proliferate and remodel a large number, thicken the vaginal wall, and restore the elastic fiber network at the same time. The effect can be maintained for about 2 years.


During the laser vaginal tightening treatment, there is only a warm feeling and almost no pain; the operation process usually takes 15-20 minutes to complete.



No, the laser vaginal tightening uses the thermal effect of the laser, and the energy cannot penetrate deeper tissues, so it is safe; and it has basically no side effects on the bladder, ovary, uterus, etc., so it will not affect reproductive function.


Laser vaginal tightening has no damage to vaginal tissues, the treatment is basically painless, and does not require vacations, and multiple treatments can be performed; while vaginal shrinking surgery has wounds, requires rest, and generally can only be treated twice; which one should you choose, can be determined according to personal circumstances and professional advice from doctors.


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