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As with all surgeries, lip lifts have some potential complications which is why it’s always essential to use a board-certified plastic surgeon. Complications of plastic surgery include: scarring. poor wound healing or scarring.

No, it won’t. Some functions may be temporarily affected by this cosmetic facial surgery, but it’s not permanent. When it is recovered, everything will be natural and normal.
 术后前3天不能刷牙,需要用漱口水;手术5-7天拆线后,即可正常进食生活。 嘴角上扬术手术痛苦吗?

Anesthesia, either local or general is used so you won’t feel any pain.

Seven days after your surgery you can expect your sutures to be removed. The healing process typically takes anywhere between six and 12 weeks. If you have a lighter skin tone and thinner lips, you’ll likely heal faster than a patient with darker skin and thicker lips.

Lip lifts are an elective cosmetic surgery that can make the upper lift look larger and more pronounced. Lip lifts are a permanent solution.

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