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There are several possible risks and complications of correction surgery:

  1. Hematoma: Hematoma around the nose is prone to occur during the operation, occasionally in the inner canthus. Small hematomas can be absorbed naturally, but larger ones require medical treatment;
  2. Bleeding: Bleeding after surgery, mostly due to rough operation during surgery or coagulation disorders in the recipient;
  3. Infection: Wound infection after surgery, possible It is caused by incomplete preoperative disinfection or during surgery;
  4. Secondary deformities: Intraoperative nasal cartilage or nasal muscles are removed too much;
  5. Inadequate correction: insufficient removal of nasal cartilage and nasal muscles is the main reason, if necessary, After 3 months, the surgery can be revised again. 


  1. 血肿:术中易在鼻部周围产生血肿,偶见于内眦部。小的血肿可被自然吸收,较大者则需就医治疗;
  2. 出血:手术后出血,多因手术时操作粗暴或受术者有凝血机制障碍等;
  3. 感染:手术后伤口感染,可能是术前消毒不彻底或术中所致;
  4. 继发畸形:术中鼻软骨或鼻肌去除过多所致;
  5. 矫正不足:鼻软骨与鼻肌去除不足是主要原因,必要时可于3个月后,重新手术矫正。

It requires surgery on the nasal bone, so the trauma is larger, and the recovery time is longer. About 7 days after the operation, the gauze in the nasal cavity can be withdrawn, and the sutures can be removed. The external fixation can be removed after 2 weeks. In the next few months, nose collision should be avoided; under normal circumstances 2-3 Months can be recovered; however, the specific complete recovery time varies depending on the individual.

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