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 You can expect to see initial results such as a smoother skin within a few days, once cell turnover kicks and the acid starts to resurface your skin, blemishes will be reduced within 1-2 weeks and stubborn dark spot will begin fading within 4-8 weeks of using the acid.

您可以期待在几天内看到初步结果,例如皮肤更光滑,一旦细胞更新开始并且酸开始重新出现在您的皮肤上,瑕疵将在 1-2 周内减少,顽固的黑斑将在 4-8 周内开始消退使用酸的几周。

Mandelic acid does not penetrate the skin aggressively. There should only be minor stinging while the peel is being applied, which only lasts 10 minutes tops. Typically, there is no peeling from a Mandelic peel, but some will experience flaking of dead skin cells post treatment.

扁桃酸不会侵入皮肤。涂抹果皮时应该只有轻微的刺痛感,最多只持续 10 分钟。通常,扁桃果皮不会脱皮,但有些人会在治疗后出现死皮细胞剥落。

 This gentleness seems to be due to mandelic acid being one of the largest AHAs, and as a result, it penetrates the skin at a slower rate. This makes it less irritating on the skin.

这种温和似乎是由于扁桃酸是最大的 AHA 之一,因此它以较慢的速度渗透皮肤。这使得它对皮肤的刺激性较小。

A type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), also known as amygdalic acid. There’s some research showing mandelic acid is an effective exfoliant, although it’s not as effective as glycolic acid due to its larger size (it’s twice as big as glycolic acid) and slower penetration into skin; however, these traits can also make mandelic acid more tolerable for those with sensitive skin. Unlike glycolic acid, mandelic acid is light-sensitive and must be packaged in an opaque container to remain effective.

一种α-羟基酸 (AHA),也称为杏仁酸。有一些研究表明扁桃酸是一种有效的去角质剂,尽管它不如乙醇酸有效,因为它的体积更大(它是乙醇酸的两倍)并且渗透到皮肤中更慢;然而,这些特性也可以使敏感皮肤的人更容易耐受扁桃酸。与乙醇酸不同,扁桃酸对光敏感,必须包装在不透明容器中才能保持有效。

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