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 Normally, physician will apply local anesthetic approximately 30 minutes prior to your Mesotherapy treatment so you will experience no pain or discomfort.

通常,医生会在您的中胚层疗法治疗前大约 30 分钟使用局部麻醉剂,这样您就不会感到疼痛或不适。

 Prior to treatment topical anesthetic cream will be applied for 30-40 minutes. Mesotherapy treatment times may vary and depend on size of the area being treated and range from 20-45 minutes.

在治疗之前,将使用局部麻醉霜 30-40 分钟。中胚层疗法的治疗时间可能会有所不同,具体取决于所治疗区域的大小,范围为 20-45 分钟。

 Mesotherapy injections can treat an array of skin conditions such as ageing skin, superficial lines and wrinkles, under eye area, hair thinning, stretch marks and hair thinning. To find out which Mesotherapy treatment is suited to your individual skin concerns please see the table below for guidance.


 As Mesotherapy is a medical skin treatment it must be performed by a medical practitioner.

由于 Mesotherapy 是一种医学皮肤治疗,因此必须由医生进行。

 Mesotherapy can be used with additional rejuvenation treatments such as Laser Rejuvenation, Anti-Wrinkle Injections, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). It is normally advisable to leave intervals of 2-3 weeks between Mesotherapy treatments for best results.

中胚层疗法可与其他嫩肤疗法结合使用,例如激光嫩肤、抗皱注射和富血小板血浆 (PRP)。通常建议在 Mesotherapy 治疗之间间隔 2-3 周以获得最佳效果。

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in the skin, and depletes naturally as we get older, it is completely safe to inject into the mesoderm and provides a very effective rejuvenation treatment for clients.


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