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Metal Braces or metal braces, characterized by low cost of braces, are common braces; Ceramic Braces or transparent braces, characterized as not easy to see, are more expensive than metal braces, and are more suitable for adults; Invisible correction (Invisalign), the braces are a kind of transparent plastic, basically can not be seen after wearing, this correction method has strict indications, the cost is relatively high; Lingual Braces are orthodontic appliances that place metal on the side of the tongue without exposing it.

金属牙套或传统牙套(Metal Braces),特点是牙套的费用低,是常用的牙套;陶瓷牙套或透明牙套(Ceramic Braces),特点是不容易被看出来,费用比金属牙套高,比较适用于成人;隐形矫正(Invisalign),其牙套是一种透明塑料,戴上后基本看不出来,这种矫治方法有严格的适应症,费用也比较高;舌侧矫治器(Lingual Braces),是将金属贴于舌侧,而不暴露的正畸矫治器。

Data analysis shows that about 50% of correction patients need tooth extraction, the main reasons are: 1. Use the extraction space to line up crowded teeth; Patients with degree II-III crowding were more likely to have tooth extraction. 2. Use the tooth extraction space to retract the front teeth, improve the arch projection and improve the surface shape; For example, some people’s lips are relatively protruding, after tooth extraction correction, the protrusion of the lips will become smaller, the face shape will become more beautiful; 3. Use the extraction space to adjust the occlusal relationship, so that the posterior tooth apex pits are staggered, the occlusal contact area is larger, and better chewing efficiency is achieved.


No; In the process of correction, the doctor will take some preventive measures according to the specific situation of the patient’s teeth arrangement, such as: excessive correction of severely twisted teeth can prevent the recurrence of dental deformities; In addition, after the end of orthodontics, it is generally necessary to wear an appliance to stabilize the orthodontic effect; Of course, for the whole process of orthodontic, this is only half of the process, in order to correct the rebound does not occur, the next must wear retainer, retainer is the key to orthodontic rebound.

After teeth are put on braces, food residue is not easy to clean due to the interference of brackets, and it is easy to remain on teeth; First of all, brush your teeth carefully after each meal, using a professional orthodontic toothbrush, auxiliary floss, interdental brush, mouthwash, dental flusher, etc., to maintain oral cleanliness.

In most cases of correction, the teeth moved in the front and back direction, so the appearance of the side of the face changed the most; For example, in cases of teeth cracking, the lips will become easier to close because the front teeth move back, and the front teeth will not be easy to expose; Therefore, whether viewed from the side or from the front, the face shape will be more beautiful; The face shape of adult patients also changes due to inconvenient eating, pain, psychological pressure and other changes in living habits during the treatment, making the body thinner and causing the change of face shape.


It won’t; The physical structure of the tooth determines that it can move, and the position of the tooth changes even if it is not corrected; The correction is to use this principle to correct malocclusion, which is beneficial to the long-term health of teeth; Reduce the incidence of dental caries and periodontal disease due to uneven teeth.


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