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Generally speaking, those with thin and non-loose eyelids are suitable for non-incision double eyelids; those with puffy eyelids, sagging eyelids, and ptosis should be treated with open incision; the non-invasive three-point method is semi-open double eyelid surgery, suitable for no loose eyelids, with more fat on the upper eyelid.

The aesthetics of each era are different. 10 years ago, 5mm width was popular, and now 7-8mm European-style are popular. Preference and suitability need to be combined with the doctor’s professional point of view to determine the appropriate plan.

Double eyelids + canthoplasty have become a popular package nowadays. Those with too short eye distance are not suitable for canthoplasty though.

It takes around 7 days to heal, 1-2 months to restore to the natural look.


The plus point of this procedure is reversible. As it is non-surgical, there’s no removal of tissue etc, suture can be removed at any point of time to do a revision treatment.

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