FAQ 常见问答题

A common unfavorable problem after the operation is that the lower eyelid tissue is removed too much, which causes the lower eyelid ectropion, which usually recovers gradually.

The incision line of the surgery is very fine, and there may be red marks within 2 weeks after the operation. Generally, after a period of time, it basically returns to normal, leaving no scars, even if there is, generally not easy to notice.

Yes, it will be long lasting. Because there are wide variations in eyelid/periorbital anatomy among individuals, it is necessary to customize the volume restoration for each patient.

7days to remove sutures, 10-14 days for the bruises and swelling to disappear, about one month to see result.


Yes of course! When venturing outside after your eyelid surgery, wear large sunglasses that would cover any bruising that you may have. You should also wear sunblock over any reddened or bruised areas (just not over any sutured areas) for as long as the redness or bruising remains


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