Looking for beauty experts of the future.


An all-round solution provider for your daily practice needs.

Looking for beauty experts of the future.

An all-round solution provider for your daily practice needs.

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Grow your practice

Malaysians are now investing in health and beauty

Reduce operational cost

Save on management and marketing costs.

Consult online, anytime

Easily manage contactless consultations.

Certified API connection system

Worry free communication between peers and clients.

Ease of payment and withdrawal

Confidence in all kind of transactions.



The Advantage


Multiple features & dynamic strategies

Take advantage of our smart app and innovative tools to build your brand and self recognition.



Focused community

Share contents and knowledge to a group of beauty lovers.



Increased efficiency

Fast, easy and organized information exchange.



API connection system

Connect with confidence.



Secure for all

Make empowered choices through transparency and accuracy.


Data security

Rest assured that your information will not be sold nor leaked to any 3rd parties.




The solutions

NEXT. Marketplace

Bridging the accessibility gap

Expand your reach and brand exposure using NEXTBEU’s secured marketplace.


NEXT. Community

Bridging the communication gap

Share your expertise or even interests to peers and beauty seekers. NEXTBEU is equipped to fully support interactions that help you increase brand exposure while contributing to the world of beauty.

NEXT. Encyclopedia

Bridging the information gap

Support and improve your skills by accessing NEXTBEU’s constantly updated content. We aim to protect and improve the industry standard by setting a high bar for it using proven and verified data.  


The partners


Influencers & beauty Bloggers Sharing


Common enquiries

NEXTBEU is an aesthetics-related medical app, but we do welcome registrations for doctors and specialists in other fields in Malaysia! We welcome those who are passionate and driven in the industry to join us and enjoy our features.

Through the NEXTBEU app, you will be able to share your skills, knowledge and expertise on a respectable platform. You can also connect with other experts in the industry. This app is the first of its kind in South East Asia so you can expect to be connected to beauty experts and beauty seekers from the region! This app can also propel you to further success in your career expansion.

NEXTBEU is a ground-breaking aesthetics-related medical mobile application, first of its kind in SEA, that was founded in 2021. Using the latest technology available, NEXTBEU’s core purpose is to facilitate and encourage a healthy discussion and info exchange that can help beauty seekers to gain the right information to prepare them to take the next step confidently. Not only does it distribute factual info, but it also features a community platform where beauty experts or seekers can come together to find and discuss topics related to aesthetics. Prior to this, we could only rely on traditional media and word of mouth. Now, beauty seekers can safely connect with like-minded individuals or even practitioners at a click of a button! We expect thousands of beauty secrets to be exchanged and shared daily and we are excited for you to enjoy the feature too!

We will have our customer service specialist to guide and assist you on some simple operational steps. Within just 30 minutes, we can have your professional profile up and running on our app for 24/7, 365 days of the year! Spend only 30 minutes with us to gain continuous exposure!

  • NEXTBEU is not a medical/surgical service provider.
  • NEXTBEU is not a surgical middleperson/broker.
  • NEXTBEU does not receive monetary benefits from consumers.

The mobile app is completely free to use, and we welcome you to try it to see for yourself! We are proud to introduce the application and its many features, and we hope that it can help propel your brand to more exposure and success!

Yes, you are! This goes along with our values to grow the aesthetics beauty industry by spreading truthful information including real, honest feedbacks so that our users can make informed and safe decisions!

All of NEXTBEU’s registered physicians and/clinics can enjoy our marketplace features free of charge! This benefit includes monthly picks, packages, promotion, coupons and more!

You can! NEXTBEU app is designed with all users in mind and is made to be user-friendly. Anyone with basic mobile understanding should be able to navigate through the application with no issues. If you do face any issues, our friendly customer service specialist will easily help guide you.

We have also simplified this for you! Whenever somebody is interested in your products or services, the NEXTBEU app will immediately alert you.

In the spirit of contributing to the aesthetics industry, we understand that there will always be new information from new research and technology advancements. Although we already have over 500 encyclopaedia content, we do encourage constant updates so that our users can enjoy the latest information.

This is one of our latest features on the NEXTBEU app. Any users can post their inquiries and any experts of the matter can respond to those inquiries. All of these are accessible with just a few clicks in the app.

Today, it is extremely common for digital users to check for reviews before making any decisions. Honest reviews increase confidence to make purchasing decisions. Our review features are transparent in the sense that both service users and providers may comment, meaning you may also respond to the reviews.

You may contact our customer hotline support at [email protected] and the friendly representative can assist you on the matter.