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 A combination of lasers is used to achieve this effect. Firstly, millisecond pulses of laser energy are used to shrink the pores and encourage collagenesis of the skin. Then a Q-switched laser fires short nano-second pulses of energy to shatter the pigments of the skin to give a whitening effect and combine treatment under LED to give maximum rejuvenation result.

激光的组合被用来实现这种效果。首先,激光能量的毫秒脉冲用于收缩毛孔并促进皮肤的胶原蛋白生成。然后 Q 开关激光发射短的纳秒级能量脉冲,粉碎皮肤色素,产生美白效果,并结合 LED 治疗,实现最大程度的嫩肤效果。

 Results may last for up to 6 months; however, this is largely dependent on the skin condition, skin type, and lifestyle and skincare routine of each person. To protect your new skin post-treatment, we recommend staying away from excessive sun exposure and to use our post-care treatment.

结果可能会持续长达 6 个月;然而,这在很大程度上取决于每个人的皮肤状况、皮肤类型以及生活方式和护肤程序。为了在治疗后保护您的新皮肤,我们建议避免过度日晒并使用我们的后期护理。

 This is a very popular procedure in Asia where white, flawless skin is highly prized. It is suitable for most skin types from fair people of european heritage to darker asian skin types.


 Downtime is minimal for these procedures and usually consists of some mild redness for a few minutes after the treatment. To minimise your downtime strict avoidance of sunlight both before and after the treatment is mandatory.


Pain isn’t associated with this treatment. You’ll only feel a slight tingling sensation on the skin, which is a normal feeling



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