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The effect of pulpitis medicine is not good, the drug can not reach the pulp cavity, the inflammation can not be effectively relieved, so it must kill the tooth nerve treatment.

Anti-inflammatory drugs (such as bezoar metronidazole capsules) can be taken in combination with Fenbeide, which can play a role in pain relief, and can immediately relieve the symptoms of pulpitis pain.

The general course of treatment is divided into 3-4 times; The conventional treatment is to kill the pulp. The dead pulp and diseased tissue are removed to make it clean and sterile, at which point the root canal becomes a cavity. The cavity is filled tightly with a sterile, therapeutic material, and then the cavity is filled. In a single session, you need to see a doctor 3-4 times.

Pulpitis pain has four main characteristics: no cause, but their own onset of pain; Paroxysmal pain, pain for a while, quite a while, severe and sustained pain; The pain gets worse after being stimulated by hot or cold or biting. The pain gets worse at night, which seriously affects sleep.

It’s just a hole in the tooth. It didn’t damage the pulp. The usual performance is: sometimes food will be stuffed into the cavity when eating, especially cold or hot food stimulation will hurt a little, it will not hurt very badly, and it will not hurt at night. Pulpitis is a slight irritation, there will be heavier pain, can not encounter cold and hot food, acute attack of severe pain.


Pulpitis is not treated or very uncomfortable, because the chance of self-healing of this disease is very small, it must be through targeted treatment to recover, if not handled in time, patients will be unbearable pain, basically to have a good appetite is difficult, long-term nutrition will be bad absorption. And, when pulpitis has reached a certain extent, patients because of pain many times will appear insomnia or irritability, this time the harm to the body is relatively large, the patient’s work and life will be affected, so it is still necessary to timely treatment.

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