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Generally, there are three main possibilities for nasal hypertrophy: 

  1. The cartilage at the tip of the nose is hypertrophy, which requires the lower lateral cartilage to be thinned or trimmed.
  2. The soft tissue is hypertrophy, which may require soft tissue removal, but this may cause hyperplasia after the operation.
  3. The alar cartilage is separated. In this case, the alar cartilage needs to be drawn closer.


  1. 鼻头端软骨肥厚,这就需要将下外侧软骨打薄或修小;
  2. 软组织肥厚,这可能就需要去除部分软组织,但是这样做可能术后会出现增生;
  3. 鼻翼软骨分离,这种情况需要将鼻翼软骨拉拢靠近

The main risk is infection; you need to choose a regular medical institution, followed by proper advises during recovery period to prevent infection; the second risk is that after soft tissue resection, scars or tissue proliferation may be left, and the proliferation will lead to ineffective reduction.

If you simply remove the hypertrophic soft tissue or skin and suture the nasal cartilage, you only need local anesthesia. If you need to harvest the nasal septal cartilage or costal cartilage to extend the nasal columella, general anesthesia is required.

72 hours after the operation is the peak period of swelling. It is recommended to rest. After 72 hours after the operation, the swelling will gradually disappear, and normal work and lifestyle can be resumed. About 60-70% recovery in 2-3 weeks; complete recovery in 3-6 months.

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