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To jump start your new skin we recommend 3-4 treatments 2 weeks apart and maintenance every 2-3 months. However, even one silk peel will usually refresh your skin for up to six weeks!

为了快速启动您的新皮肤,我们建议每隔 2 周进行 3-4 次护理,并每 2-3 个月进行一次保养。然而,即使是一层蚕丝果皮通常也能让您的皮肤焕然一新长达六周!

The optimal number of Silk Peels for each individual will vary depending on the treatment goals. For improvement of acne, brown spots, or overall skin quality, a minimum of 3 treatments performed at 2-3 week intervals are recommended. Many people chose to complete a series of 5 treatments for maximal results.

每个人的最佳 Silk Peels 数量将根据治疗目标而有所不同。为改善痤疮、褐斑或整体皮肤质量,建议每 2-3 周至少进行 3 次治疗。许多人选择完成一系列 5 次治疗以获得最大效果。

Yes, Silk Peel uses no harsh chemicals and is safe for most skin types, including people with dark skin.

是的,Silk Peel 不使用刺激性化学物质,对大多数皮肤类型都是安全的,包括深色皮肤的人。

 Dermalinfusion silkpeel is an excellent choice for treating both oily skin and acne. The treatment can also minimize the look of wrinkles, reduce the appearance of sun and age spots, and hydrate dry skin. The procedure is much less invasive than laser skin resurfacing or a chemical appeal without the downtime.

Dermalinfusion silkpeel 是治疗油性皮肤和痤疮的绝佳选择。该疗法还可以最大程度地减少皱纹的出现,减少日晒斑和老年斑的出现,并为干燥的皮肤补水。与激光换肤或无需停机的化学疗法相比,该程序的侵入性要小得多。

 Dermalinfusion is non-invasive and a great treatment option for various skin concerns such as aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, dry skin, and more. It works by delivering specially formulated Pro-Infusion Serums into your skin. These serums quickly and efficiently target the areas of concern.

Dermalinfusion silkpeel 是治疗油性皮肤和痤疮的绝佳选择。该治疗方法还可以最大限度地减少皮肤皱纹的出现,减少日晒斑和老年斑的出现,并为干爽的皮肤补水。与激光换肤或无需停机的化学治疗方法相比较,该程序的引入性要少得多。

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