FAQ 常见问答题

  1. Overfilled fat transfer will cause lumpy and uneven skin.
  2. Infection could happen if procedure is not conducted in clean room.
  3. Improper correction might occur with inexperienced doctor
  4. Unskilful doctor can cause lots of other complications
  1. 如果过量注射脂肪,可能出现结节、脂肪液化等;
  2. 如果无菌操作不达标,可能出现术后感染;
  3. 如果经验不足,可能出现过度矫正和矫正不足;
  4. 如果技术不佳,可能出现术后两边不对称,移植部位皮肤不平整等。

Surgery does not need to be operated, only needle hole large wounds, generally no suture, basically no obvious artificial marks after healing.


 In order to avoid fat accumulation, nodules and other problems caused by over-filling at one time, it usually takes 2-3 fillings to achieve a more ideal effect.


  1. The individual’s age, diet, and physical differences;
  2. Early blood vessel formation and adequate blood supply after fat transplantation were essential for improving the fat graft survival. The injection technique to make sure injected fat cells would survive. 
  3. The harvested and processed fat grafts must remain viable before implantation.


  1. 个人的年龄、饮食和身体差异;
  2. 脂肪移植后早期血管形成和充足的血液供应对于提高脂肪移植物的存活率至关重要。注射技术确保注射的脂肪细胞能够存活。
  3. 收获和加工的脂肪移植物在植入前必须保持活力。

Liposuction techniques is done through tiny incisions that leave almost no scarring, with doctor’s good skill there won’t be any uneven bumps on skin.


 Fat grafting has been shown to last longer than fillers in terms of maintaining fullness. Using the patient’s own fat, high safety, the result is soft and natural and allows the opportunity to produce an overall improved body contour removing stubborn areas of fat deposits. The con is Fat grafting procedures most often involve surgery with some amount of anaesthesia. HA filler on the other hand is a typical treatment requires only topical anaesthesia and can be performed in-office within a short span of time. However, the result is temporary and require ongoing maintenance over time which is costly.

就保持丰满度而言,脂肪移植已被证明比填充剂持续时间更长。使用患者自己的脂肪,安全性高,结果柔软自然,并有机会产生整体改善的身体轮廓,去除顽固的脂肪沉积区域。缺点是脂肪移植手术通常涉及一定程度的麻醉手术。另一方面,HA 填充剂是一种典型的治疗方法,只需要表面麻醉,并且可以在短时间内在办公室进行。然而,结果是暂时的,需要随着时间的推移进行持续维护,这是昂贵的。

No, you don’t need to be admitted to hospital. Fat transfer recovery time varies from patient to patient, but most people should arrange to take at least 7-10 days off from work and other social activities. Initial healing takes a few weeks, after which the swelling will gradually subside before the final results are apparent.

不,您不需要住院。脂肪移植恢复时间因患者而异,但大多数人应该安排至少 7-10 天的休息时间,不参加工作和其他社交活动。最初的愈合需要几周时间,之后肿胀会逐渐消退,最终效果才会显现。

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