FAQ 常见问答题

Resin veneer, generally suitable for patients with dental filling repair, more suitable for a single tooth cosmetic veneer repair; Porcelain veneer, suitable for repairing dental fluorosis and anterior teeth affecting the appearance of defects, defects.


The resin veneer is to grind a layer off the surface of the tooth, and then the resin veneer is directly or indirectly bonded to cover the color of the tooth itself, to achieve the whitening effect, the effect can be good.


Through resin veneer whitening teeth, it eliminates the traditional porcelain tooth crown wearing and tooth body preparation stage, greatly protects the original abasement teeth of patients, and is known as an environmentally friendly dental beauty technology in the dental field. Resin veneer whitening teeth, although the effect is better, but it is not permanent, need 1-3 years to replace.

After the resin veneer is finished, hard food should be avoided in the short term; For example, be careful not to knock the hard shell of nuts with your teeth, do not often knock the sunflower seeds, etc., so as not to make the veneer just finished, slightly falling.

The whitening effect after the veneer can be shown in a short time, and now there are many colors of the veneer, the appearance is more realistic, and it is very popular with consumers; The resin veneer is easy to shape and can be sculpted repeatedly by the dentist to achieve the desired tooth shape.


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