Still get a bad breath even after 🥲brushing? This is because you are TOO #STRESS and TOO MUCH #TOXINS ☠️ are accumulated in your body!

Stress and anxiety can affect the normal detoxification of the body. This is because ⬆️ increased stress can lead to dysfunction in the endocrine system and nervous system, ⛔️ hindering the elimination of toxins.

In this case, stress leads to a ⬇️reduction in saliva production, which can contribute to bad breath. Additionally, stress and anxiety may cause some people to breathe more rapidly, leading to dry mouth and eventually leading to #halitosis🫢.

What should we do now? Apart from finding ways to de-stress, it’s crucial to 🍃#DETOXIFY your body to eliminate accumulated toxins and regain fresh breath! Our first trial price is at 🔥RM199 (n/p RM780) and for the first 50 customers, you are entitled for a #FREE Blood Test that is worth RM150!
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Don’t let Bad Breath disrupt your first impression and your health! Consider this post your #hint 🚨 to take the first step!