FAQ 常见问答题

The transplanted hair is no different from the surrounding hair, and can grow with the growth of the surrounding hair, and the effect is natural and beautiful.


Although the head implant is only a minor microsurgical operation, there are wounds and incisions, so anesthetic drugs will be injected during the operation to reduce the pain, and generally can not feel pain.


The FUE method does not leave scars, and the FUT will leave fusiform scars on the posterior occiput.


  • There is a risk of infection during and after surgery;
  • Some patients with severe hair loss will experience mild edema on the forehead, bridge of the nose, etc. on the 3rd to 4th day after surgery;
  • epidermal cyst
  • The occipital donor site will leave a linear scar, which is not obvious when covered by hair;
  • Insensitivity or numbness in the surgical area, which usually recovers by itself;
  • There is partial necrosis of the transplanted hair.
  • 术中术后有感染风险;
  • 有些脱发较严重的患者,在术后第3-4天,将会在额头、鼻梁等处出现轻度水肿;
  • 表皮囊肿
  • 枕部供区会留下线形疤痕,有头发遮挡时不明显;
  • 手术区感觉迟钝或麻木,一般可自行恢复;
  • 移植的毛发存在部分坏死。

The regenerated hair after transplantation retains its original characteristics and will not fall off or die again, so the effect is long-lasting after survival.


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