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Each type of porcelain teeth has its advantages and disadvantages. The amount of molars, firmness, fit, aesthetics, biocompatibility, etc. are all considerations. In addition, the price of porcelain teeth is also one of the important considerations. ; Specifically, you can choose according to your doctor’s advice and your own situation.


Under normal circumstances, it will not; but if it falls off, most of it is caused by secondary caries or poor retention, and you should seek medical attention in time.


After the first treatment, the doctor will grind the teeth and take the film, etc. After that, you need to wear a temporary crown for a week. After the metal crown is made in the factory, it will be cemented to complete the treatment. Normal chewing will not be affected during wearing the temporary crown, but you must Pay attention to oral hygiene.


  1. 色泽度自然。与传统烤瓷牙的色泽度相比,二氧化锆全瓷牙的色泽度自然光洁,外形逼真,透明度强;
  2. 生物相容性好。对牙龈无刺激、无过敏反应,不会形成牙龈黑线,很适合应用于口腔,避免了传统的金属烤瓷牙在口腔内产生的过敏、刺激、腐蚀等不良刺激;
  3. 牙体强度硬度高。创新的抗破裂性及破裂后强韧的固化性,能让牙体更坚固
  4. 精密度高,边缘密合性好。二氧化锆全瓷牙保证了模内冠的精密性和优良的边缘密闭性,使做出来的瓷牙与患者口内基牙非常贴合。


  1. The color is natural. Compared with the color of traditional porcelain teeth, the color of zirconia all-ceramic teeth is natural and smooth, with realistic appearance and strong transparency;
  2. Good biocompatibility. It has no irritation and no allergic reaction to the gums, and will not form gum black lines. It is very suitable for oral application and avoids allergies, irritation, corrosion and other adverse stimuli caused by traditional metal porcelain teeth in the oral cavity;
  3. Tooth strength and hardness are high. Innovative fracture resistance and strong curing after fracture can make the tooth stronger
  4. High precision, good edge tightness. The zirconia all-ceramic teeth ensure the precision of the in-mould crown and excellent marginal sealing, so that the made porcelain teeth fit very well with the abutment teeth in the patient’s mouth.

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