FAQ 常见问答题

Cheekbone reduction procedure leaves partial adhesion between the skin and the bone, there’s no worry of skin laxity. If you lack of facial volume prior to the surgery, you can also choose to get face lifting along with cheekbone reduction.


Cheekbone inward thrust, mainly for the front and side of the face are wide; Lower zygomatic arch, mainly for 45° protruding, not wide face shape.


Any operation has risks, experienced doctors in the operation, will avoid blood vessels and nerves, to avoid the occurrence of surgical risks; Intubation anesthesia will be used during the operation, which can avoid suffocation caused by secretions that block the respiratory tract and avoid serious risks of surgery.


The upper gum of the mouth (about 2.5cm) and the hairline of the ear (1cm).


The doctor will try to avoid blood vessels, the amount of blood loss in the operation is about 50 ml; Negative pressure drainage tube, generally 1-2 days to remove.


After operation, the head was covered with a mask and bandaged under pressure for 7 days. After unpacking, you need to wear a neck and jaw cover, wear 6-8 hours a day, and wear it for three months; 


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